Saturday, September 08, 2007

Well equipped

Having recently gone to see the Exhibit “Body Worlds”, when I read the following passage it struck me more deeply. Either way, it is a good answer to the young person, or old, who feels as thought they have disadvantage in getting along in this old world.

“Do not say that you no outfit, no capital to start with! Young man, go down to the Mercantile Library and get some books and read of what wonderful mechanism God gave you in your hand, in your foot, in your eye, in your ear; and then ask some doctor to take you into the dissecting-room and illustrate to you what you have read about; and never again commit the blasphemy of saying that you have no capitol to start with. Equipped! Why, the poorest young man in the land is equipped as only the God of the whole universe could afford to equip him.”

I like that last line that begs the admission, ‘how can I say I have no great advantage when I look at this body machine God designed?’ A machine that has limitless physical abilities; but not to be outdone by the even more limitless abilities of the mind. Could we ever ask for a design to get along in this world that would have so many advantages and the designer and builder is God?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If you get a chance to see the Body Worlds exibit, do it.
I went through the exhibit this weekend and I was facinated. These are real bodies on display.
This is the process where they use a type of plastic to preserve the body. You will see about 20 bodies in different poses and each body is displayed so you can see all throughout the body, the brain, the circulatory system, the skin, the nerves. It is something to see. You can go online to Body Worlds and get a preview, but this is a don't miss.