Sunday, October 27, 2013

 When I read the quote below, I couldn’t apply it or much understand it; but after a conversation with a brother it dawned on me the author is talking about the small but frequent bits of reading, conversation, sermon or influence that we build our walk with God upon. “Line upon line and precept upon precept.” We will not reach the finish line fueled by one sermon, nor will we find perfection in a year of Bible study or reading; but rather, each inspiring word helps us on, and with the accumulation of them over time we make noticeable headway. We grow spiritually about as quickly as we build muscles or gain height, much like the growth of an oak. Each little star of inspiration, or as the author calls them, “probable inducements,” moves us an almost imperceptible measure towards the goal. 

  “Probable arguments are like little stars, every one of which will be useless as to our conduct and enlightening; but when they are tied together by order and vicinity, by the finger of God and the hand of an angel, they make a constellation, and are not only powerful in their influence, but like a bright angel, to guide and to enlighten our way. And although the light is not great as the light of the sun or moon, yet mariners sail by their light; and though with trepidation and some danger, yet very regularly they enter into the harbor. This heap of probable inducements is not like the power of a  mathematical and physical demonstration, which is in discourse as the sun is in heaven, but it makes a milky and a white path, visible enough to walk securely.” Jeremy Taylor