Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am sick of opinions. I weary to hear them. My soul
loathes this frothy food. Give me solid and substantial
religion. Give me an humble, gentle, lover of God and
man; a man full of mercy and good fruits, "without part-
iality and without hypocrisy;" a man laying himself out in
the work of faith, the patience of hope, and the labor of
Let my soul be with these Christians, wheresoever they
are and whatsoever opinions they are of.
John Wesley


fcb4 said...

Ahhhhhh...finally you have taken the plunge!
I'm glad I will have a place to go and steal more intelligent and moving words than I can write or find for myself.

You have to post some of your poetry as well.

Mel said...

So these are the roots, the first fruits of what would become a blog that is a source of deep refreshment for so many souls, for the glory of God. I'm looking forward to being renewed as I go through your posts from the early days. I've been doing that on Crowbar Massage, too, and it has been so invigorating and nostalgic. :)