Thursday, November 11, 2004


There is no peace for the wicked the Bible says.
This excerpt from a poem is a good illustration of that.

To the pure mind alone hath solitude
Its charms. To that base nature which
Runs to daily riot in the carnival of
Sin, there is no sweetness in the calm
Seclusion of the forest shade.
For the deep quiet that doth reign
Around is but a torturing contrast
To the sad turmoil within the breast,
And there would conscience sting him to the quick....


fcb4 said... eludes me more than chasing rainbows. Sure the drama of flagrant sin and it's pungent stink are absent but peace...very rare.

Mel said...

My entire life, I've been afraid of being bored. When I was a kid, and for the first 10 years of adulthood, I always, always, always had to have something (or multiple somethings) with me to do at any given moment (a book or two, usually, and in later years a cell phone with games on it, or at the very least a tiny container of playdough). Being bored was something I dreaded. But boredom has ceased to exist in my world now. Time alone in quiet and solitude provides time with the Love of my life, my sweet Lord Jesus. He has become more than enough. (He always was, of course, but now I SEE it.) What a blessing. :)