Saturday, January 15, 2005

" We have said that there is no difference between one person and another more characteristic and noticeable than the facility of being happy."
Henry Ward Beecher

This quote disturbs me some. In my youth I seemed to have an inexhaustible facility for finding happiness. Somehow with the weight of life I find that faculty ground down, lost its tip, and finding happiness takes a determined effort, where once it flowed so naturally.

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mat said...

It is a disturbing little comment.
I find the people I am most drawn to and care the most for are the ones least happy. With the least facility perhaps. Today we met with one of our woodworkers at our house, he rarely smiles, and seems somewhat distant from where you are, but when he smiles, and it's only a slight crack of the lip, it's special. I find that better than bubbles. But I do envy those that seem to find happiness as well, but I know that's not me. And in the end I'm ok with my "facility", even if I moan about it.