Saturday, April 02, 2005


"All the passions," says an old writer, "are such near neighbors, that if
one of them is on fire, the others should send for the buckets." Thus love and hate being both passions, the one is never safe from the spark that sets the other ablaze.-- Bulwer

" Oh, how the passions, insolent and strong, bear our weak minds their rapid course along;
make us the madness of their will obey; then die, and leave us to our grief's a prey!

And lastly---

"Passion is the great mover and spring of the soul; when men's passions are strongest, they may have great and noble effects; but they are then also apt to fall into the greatest miscarriages.-- Sprat

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fcb4 said...

These quotes remind me of Jesus talking about being either hot or cold but never Lukewarm which is good for only being spit out.

Hot or cold, no middle ground.

Yet, the middle ground is so much more easy to deal with, live within and settle for.

We live to mellow, too safe and too passionless in my opinion. Whether it be in marriages, devotion to Christ, parenting or in our friendships.

Lukewarm is common...