Monday, May 09, 2005

Ahhh, simplicity

"Let us learn to be content with what we have, with the place we have in life. Let us get rid of our false estimates, let us throw down the god Money from its pedestal, trample that senseless idol under foot, set up all the higher ideals-- a neat home, vines of our own planting, a few books full of the inspiration of genius, a few friends worthy of being loved, and able to love us in turn; a hundred pleasures that bring no pain or remorse, a devotion to the right that will never swerve, a simple religion empty of all bigotry, full of trust and hope and love, and to such a philosophy this world will give up all the joy it has." David Swing

I like that, false estimates, vines of our own planting, of course a few books ( or more ) and a few friends, maybe throw in there a wife or two.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the hundred pleasures that bring no pain or remorse. The pleasures I usually dabble in have both pain and remorse. I need rebirth of the heart and mind as well as soul.

FCB said...

Yes Scott, That stuck out to me as well. There are so many pleasures that come with no remorse why must I seek those with regret?