Monday, October 03, 2005

I rented a great movie the other night titled "Born in the Brothels". It is a moving, inspiring movie about a woman who went into the red light district of Calcutta India to film and tell the story of women there. During her time there she met and fell in love with the children born of the prostitutes. She then began sharing with them her talent of photography. As the story unfolds, I became captivated by the undying spirit of the children, not to mention their creativity, even in the worst circumstances on earth. I think it should be a 'must see' by all. I showed it to Carissa and Jordan, who loved it as well. There are only two parts where Indian women are scolding children in the most horrid language, trust me you can't imagine it, that is not fit for anyone, much less children, thankfully that part is in subtitles and can easily be skipped. The movie is in English, but when an Indian person speaks that doesn't know English, they put in sub-tiles.
I watched it twice and enjoyed it more the second time.

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fcb4 said...

LeeElla, Alicia and I watched it last night. Wow, what a beautiful, tragic and moving film. I was on the edge of tears at so many powerful moments. I was mesmerized, god I could have taken all those kids into my home. That shows the crippling and overcoming stronghold of poverty and sin like nothing I have seen. Wonderful movie, thanks for the recommendation dad.

Matt could do film like that for sure.