Sunday, December 04, 2005

Vinet. --- “Religion finds the love of happiness and the principle of duty separated in us; and its mission --- its master-piece ---- is to reunite them.”

I really like this quote. So practical. Life is a complicated affair and our self love is so intense that we need continual direction toward our duties or our lives, and the lives of those we love can soon unravel. God's ways, His masterpiece, is balance.

Often we hear that religion is a crutch. Actually, I think atheism is a crutch of sorts. Jesus raises the bar of personal integrity so high that none can achieve it.
One cannot begin the journey of following Christ without knowing Heavenly help is necessary or achievment is impossible.
But the atheist lowers the moral bar so low that one can slither on their belly and cross over.
So which is the crutch? Reaching for the high ground and when our efforts are exhausted, calling on a higher power, or smashing the higher power "crutch" and lowering the bar to the floor?

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justin said...

I think many atheists don't want there to be a god. They don't want to feel guilty, don't want to have to justify themselves to anyone. They are rebels against The Man, even though they don't even believe in Him. It's a funny and sad situation if you think about it.