Saturday, July 29, 2006

Spit out the bones

I was reading one of my favorite authors the other day, Orison S. Marden. He is the most optimistic author I have ever read. He is a Christian, with a D.D. and an M.D. and a few other letters as well. He lived in the late 1800s and died in 1926 I think. I think enough of one of his books that I have purchased one for each of my kids. That being said, whoever I read, I take the good and pass over the not so good. So, as I was reading a chapter about 'Thinking You Are A Failure', which is about negative thoughts and the senseless banter that goes on in our heads, when I came across these lines -- "A vividness, a certain force, accompanies the spoken word,--
especially if earnestly, vehemently uttered -- which is not apparent to many in merely thinking about what the words express. If you repeat a firm resolve to yourself aloud, vigorously, even vehemently, you are more likely to carry it to reality than if you merely resolve in silence.
We become so accustomed to our silent thoughts that the voicing of them, the giving audible expression to our yearnings, makes a much deeper impression upon us."

So I began to picture myself doing what he suggested and I said, 'Hey, if I'm going to be speaking outloud, and vigorously, and vehemently, then I'm not going to waste my time talking to myself, I'm going to talk to someone who can get the job done! So I left my chair, went into my bedroom and began to pray.
Now I have no doubt that speaking positive thoughts would have some advantage, but, please forgive me, I'll do my shouting, my yearning, my vigorous talking, with the Lord. I don't say this to discredit my favorite author, but sometimes you eat the fish and spit out the bones. This was one of those cases.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the guy in the movie "the Apostle" in his bedroom upstairs praying out loud, loudly. I agree if you got something to dwell on, bring it to the Lord. ~Matt

Donna said...

I like what Orison has to say. Jesus spoke too about speaking to the situation. Mark 11:13 – Jesus said to ‘speak’ to the mountain. He didn’t say “pray to God and the mountain would move” I believe that we have been given power by God to do as He does. To speak into the situation. That’s why our words are so important. That’s why He says to watch what we say. I have many times reprimanded myself in the mirror. Yes, I have! It does wonders. Other than looking like a complete idiot, I see my own humanity in my reflection. I tell myself that I won’t repeat the same mistake that I had made. I make a promise to myself with God and His heavenly host as my witness. A little ditto: my mom comes from Indonesia. They don’t waste much food there. My mom eats almost all the parts of the fish, even the head…yuck. And the bones, well some countries use bones for tools, or jewelry or ground into powders….I think Orison is on to something.

FCB said...

Well you may be right Donna. As always thanks for your insightful comments.