Friday, December 31, 2010

In the following quote by Jeremy Taylor, he exhorts us to redeem the time by reminding us of the opportunities we often waste.

“If, besides the ordinary returns of our prayers and periodical and festival solemnities, and our seldom communions, we should allow to religion and the studies of wisdom those great shares that are trifled away upon vain sorrow, foolish mirth, troublesome ambition, busy covetousness, watchful lust, and impertinent amours, and balls and revel lings, and banquets, all that which was spent viciously, and all that time that lay fallow and without employment, our life would quickly amount to a great sum.”

I wonder if my life was illustrated with a pie chart, how it would fair? What percentage would “lay fallow”, or is spent in front of the television with “foolish mirth”?

Painting by W.C.Duyster


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred,

I think if I apply this criteria of fallow time, I am guilty of spending most of my time in fruitless endeavors based on the basic instinct of survival in this world.This obviously means there is a lot I should do for my soul and next life.

Great photo and a very inspiring post.

Mel said...

Hi Fred!

I'm quite sure that you of all people have spent a relatively small amount of your time on "meaningless" endeavors, although for my part I believe that whatever we're doing, if we are grateful for it, and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit through it, there's not much in life that is truly meaningless. I have known people who spend all of their energy doing what they feel is God's work, and yet are wretched, miserable people to be around. In my life, I try to live a live of balance, always of course acknowledging God's presence and doing as best as I can to submit to His will. :0)

Have a great day!

Mel :)