Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Not to be unhappy is unhappyness,
And misery to t'have known miserie;
For the best way unto discretion is
The way that leads us by adversitie;
And men are better shew'd what is amisse,
By th'expert finger of calamitie,
Than they can be with all that fortune brings,
Who never shewes them the true face of things."

It is natural to wish for the best of things for our children;
and we find ourselves hoping they will not struggle.
But as I have watched my children and grandchildren grow,
I see the truth in the above quote. Wish it were not so, but
depth of character and learning oneself, can not come in shelter.

Quote by Daniel, photo by John Fisher

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Donna said...

I'm with you there. It's hard watching my kids go through what could easily be avoided with a little wisdom.

Instead, they self medicate their own wisdom, and overdose on foolishness..