Monday, May 14, 2012

  "Christ brings about all that is good in the soul through judgment, and that so sweetly that many, by a dangerous error, think that that good which is in them and issues from them is from themselves, and not from the powerful work of grace." Richard Sibbes 1635

  This 'dangerous error' is apt to be committed by the young Christian more often; feeling the intensely meaningful connections that God establishes in and through us can naturally lead one to suppose there is a great good within us, but a short 'dark night of the soul' can soon clear that up. God is doing much and chooses to use humans as his customary vehicle, but the work is His and the more we step aside and let Him work the better the results.

  I like this picture I got from the Internet, to me it illustrates the connections that God establishes, and with the least complication in children.

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