Sunday, December 02, 2012


  "Among home amusements the best is the good old habit of conversation, the talking over the events of the day, in bright and quick play of wit and fancy, the story which brings the laugh, and the speaking the good and kind and true things, which all have in their hearts.
 It is not so much by dwelling upon what members of the family have in common, as bringing each to the other something interesting and amusing, that home life is to be made cheerful and joyous.
 Each one must do his part to make conversation genial and happy. Parents should be careful to talk with their children, to enter into their life, to share their trifles, to assist in their studies, to meet them in the thoughts and feelings of their childhood.
  The time spent by parents, in the higher entertainment of their children, bears a harvest of eternal blessings, and these long evenings furnish just the time. Churchman.

 I read that in a book of mine called, "Mother, Home and Heaven." Wish I had been better at that, and in this generation of electronics it will take a concerted effort to make it happen.

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