Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A second cry for help.

I shared this letter I got at Teen Challenge some time ago with the group at the Jail. I gave each a copy to look at. I gathered them up but didn't notice until today that someone had added their equally desperate cry for help at the bottom.


Anonymous said...

These letters gave me chills! This is as good an argument as I can think of for why we need outreaches and programs so that people who have come to this place of despondency have somewhere to go where there are people who care and have some peace and truth to offer the sufferer.

FCB said...

Amen brother, these letters are so filled with hopelessness and from my experience, the good news of Christ love for sinners is about the only thing that brings lasting change. May this person find it and I will do my best to preach it clear and filled with his lovingkindness.