Thursday, December 19, 2013

  I watched Oprah interview a leader of the Buddhist movement in the U.S. last week. It was interesting and He had an air of peace and tranquility about him, and much of what he said, I as a Christian, agree with but there was something hollow about it that was difficult to put my finger on. Oprah fawned over him and gushed as he spoke about how to attain Dharma, a place of truth and the ability to live in the moment, as well as compassion and love for our neighbor.  I learned Buddhism is not a religion about God but a path one walks regardless of their religion; so, anyone can be a Buddhist in addition to their belief in God. I found nothing objectionable about the teachings they discussed but I don’t believe one can find “Dharma” apart from God. Not to say that if one lives a humble, modest life that they will not benefit from it.
  Today I ran across a quote by Phillips Brooks that helped me fill in the vacancies I was left with after hearing them talk. Jesus said, “ My father worketh hitherto and I work.” It is no Oriental apathy. The Christian thought of God is full of interest, zeal, emotion, action, only it is always perfectly balanced with its surroundings….” This made me think that the difference is that we find in Christ our completion, but not just of inner peace, no, but rather “A central peace subsisting at the heart of endless agitation.” Wordsworth.  We find our “Dharma” in Christ, not in behaviors. His truth launches us into action where, as we realize more of Him, He leads us into spiritual battle where we share His active love reconciling man to God through His truth and deeds of kindness, which are His expressions of love through His believers as well as His creation. Something like that…….

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