Monday, January 06, 2014

   “As when one, walking the winter street, sees a door opened for some one to enter, and the red, warm light streams a moment forth, and the forms of gay children are running to greet the comer, and genial music sounds, though the door shuts and leaves the night black, yet it cannot shut back again all that the eye, the ear, the heart, and the imagination have seen – so in the 23rd Psalm, though it is but a moment’s opening of the soul, there are emitted truths of peace and consolation that will never be absent from the world.

  The Twenty-third psalm is the nightingale of the psalms. It is small, of a homely feather, singing shyly out of obscurity; but, O, it has filled the air of the whole world with melodious joy, greater than the heart can conceive. Blessed be the day on which that psalm was born.”  H.W. Beecher.

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