Friday, May 09, 2014

   “Everybody is impatient for the time when he shall be his own master. And if coming of age were to make one so, if years could indeed “Bring the philosophic mind,” it would be rightly a day of rejoicing to a whole household and neighborhood. But to often he, who is impatient to become his own master, when the outward checks are removed, merely becomes his own slave, the slave of a master in the insolent flush of youth, hasty, headstrong, wayward and tyrannical. Had he really become his own master, the first act of his dominion over himself would have been to put himself under the dominion of a higher Master and a wiser.” Guesses at Truth.

  “Young men, in the conduct and manage of actions, embrace more than they can hold, stir more than they can quiet, fly to the end without consideration of the means.”  Bacon.

  “In the morning of our days, when the senses are unworn and tender, when the whole man is awake in every part, and the gloss of novelty is fresh upon all the objects that surround us, how lively at that time are our sensations, but how false and inaccurate the judgments we form of things.”  Burke.

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