Tuesday, July 22, 2014

  Last Sunday our church had a picnic after service and we had a local band play a mix of sacred and secular songs, lots of good fellowship and fun and games for the kids. A parent or two were dancing with their children to the music when one of the brothers whose daughter Gracie suffers from something like extreme Autism or some similar affliction. The malady won’t allow her to engage or focus on anything or anyone, and although she is fully mobile, but for a large locket around her neck, nothing else arrests her attention. This brother inspired by the music and love for his darling daughter swept her up into his arms and began to dance with her. As soon as he lifted her she became stiff and unresponsive, and she is about eleven so it was awkward trying to hold her, so he gently set her back down. He was unable to embrace the moment of affection with her he wanted, and all of us watching wanted, but his love is used to the limits she has and undaunted he lovingly attended to her every moment.

Later in the day as I was contemplating that event, I couldn’t help make the comparison between Gracie and her father and the children of God and their Father.  
Picture is my son and granddaughter dancing. 

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