Friday, July 10, 2015

  "Where there is no deep faith in the spiritual basis of human life, nor belief in the revelation and the power of Right in the conscience of mankind, then there is in the heart no certain source of "honor towards all men,' no patient hope of future nobleness for them to soothe the disappointment at their unworthiness." Martineau.

I like this quote and think it is right on target: if we become cynical and lose every line of tenderness: indulge a suspicious prophecy about others, eager to shape a tale of shame, and see little or no hope for those in desperate trials, how then can we say we obey the scripture to "show honor towards all men"?


Anonymous said...

I agree without love and compassion and being in tune towards what a man could really be going through, and turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the potential he may have is bankruptcy when it comes to the gospel.

FCB said...

Amen, David, good word.