Thursday, November 19, 2015

  When we come to Christ in crisis, we come looking for a savior, someone that can make sense out of our lives; who can bring joy into living; who can raise dead things to life, make twisted and crooked things straight; and all this as a companion in whom we can pour out our hearts to; a trusted friend we can run to for guidance and counsel: someone we know sympathizes with our miseries, a confidant who cares for our future.

Christ is able to do and be all this and more; He is our truest friend but we need be mindful that we don't outrun Him.

He will lead us on a path too restore our character,
Remove our shame,
Enable us to love unselfishly,
Give without expecting in return;
Disagree without anger;
Appreciate without envy;
Love without smothering jealousy;
And face the future without fear.
These are the things that give us self-worth and make us approachable, warm and lovable.

What can sabotage our plan? To get sidetracked and focus on the last, first: being lovable.
 If we lose our focus of becoming someone that is worthy of love and focus on just being loved, we miss and detour all the rest. We must be patient and not fall again in to the trap of many, that drown out the Spirit of God with a needy heart desperate for romance; we must not allow lust to quench the Spirits work in making us lovable.
If we are to find a person of character worthy of our love, we must become a person of character worthy of theirs.

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