Wednesday, September 28, 2016

  "My work here is not to please the speculative part of men, but to minister to practice, to preach to the weary, to comfort the sick, to assist the penitent, to reprove the confident, to strengthen weak hands and feeble knees, having scarce any other possibilities left me of doing alms or exercising that charity by which we shall be judged at doomsday. It is enough for me to be an under-builder in the house of God, and I glory in the employment. I labor in the foundations; and therefore the work needs no apology, for being plain, so it be strong and well laid. But, my Lord, as mean as it is, I must give God thanks for the desires and the strength...." Jeremy Taylor

  I worked a few hours in Union Gospel Missions event called, "Operation Overcoat." They have a big event where they ask vendors to donate products and hundreds of volunteers help with services like dental, hair cutting, flu shots, and of course, lots of clothes all in booths where a very organized plan allows those in need to get what they need in preparing for cold weather etc. They also have a food court with big grills frying up burgers and hot dogs. I worked in the food court as simply "hospitality". Helping anyone who had need. I talked and prayed with a few young men and women who were destitute and I pray it bears fruit. But the thing I remember most was one very old woman, pushing a wheeled walker with her plate of food balanced on it as she looked for a seat. I asked her if I could carry her plate for her and help her to a seat. As I walked with her as she shuffled along, my hand on her back, which was but skin and bones, I felt such warmth for her. I'm sure the speculations of men may count that as little but in that moment I felt as if I were escorting the King of Kings.  

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