Wednesday, November 23, 2016

  At Union Gospel Mission there were about ten teenagers from Faith Bible church volunteering for the first time. I picked out a guy named Samuel and a girl named Megan to show the simple procedures for handing out cookies. I began by reminding them how precious and important our task is to God. I told them that we will serve Christ today albeit in a distressing disguise. I said that as we make eye contact with each person we can thank God it is not our brother or sister standing in line. There will be someone’s child here as well as someone's mother, father or grandparent. I explained that each person that enters has gone through some tragic ongoing trauma; some have seen a loved one killed, others have lived with violence, incest, rape and unimaginable tragedy in life or perhaps combat. If they see someone that the Holy Spirit points out to step back and pray for them or if they want to talk with them I will happily join them. We huddled up before the doors opened and I prayed that we represent the hand of Christ today with smiles and love as the Holy Spirit elevated the prayer we sensed His unity.
After a half an hour I saw a young man about 25, shaved head, gauges in his ears eating alone. I asked Megan, a 17 yr. old if she would join me in praying for him, that I sensed a prompting from the Lord. She hesitated for a few seconds and then agreed and we sat down with him, talked for a minute, and asked if we could pray for him. He agreed. I asked Megan if she would lead out and I would finish; we all held hands and prayed. We talked with him for a few minutes more and blessed him on his way. About twenty minutes later he came up to me and thanked me for the prayer; he was leaving for Chicago to live with friends in hope of getting work and getting his life together.
Another young mid-twenties man came in missing a foot. I talked to a student named Nick and asked if he wanted to join me pray for him. He was eager so we did the same. The man was receptive and we talked with him for a short time, prayed and blessed him too, on his way. I asked a young gal named Grace if she  wanted to pray for a fella about fifty I noticed and she too was eager and we did so again and had a thankful reception.

  As the time neared the end there were group pictures taken and all the team was together. While they were eagerly taking pictures a man in his fifties named Robert was saying he really appreciated their service and said many kind things. They were distracted and didn't really hear him so I asked him if we could all pray for him. He said he would like that because he is battling an alcohol addiction and longs to be free. I called the entire group together and introduced Robert to them and asked them to gather around to pray for him. I asked the group to repeat after me and so we prayed for him and his life, recovery from circumstances and alcohol. He began to weep and we ended up in a warm embrace and everyone hugged him. He left wiping away the tears.

Now I know not who in the group was touched today, but I sensed the power of Christ's love so strongly that I believe it to be many.

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