Saturday, January 07, 2017

This last week I talked with a man that assaulted and beat both of his elderly parents when he neglected to take his meds. He had such remorse, tears flowed as he told his story. I talk to so many that have such regret, such fear of God's punishment, and many that have truly done horrific deeds. I ran across this little prayer that I read at the jail from time to time because, with few words, it reflects our hearts so clearly.

 "Gracious God, our sins are too heavy to carry, too real to hide, and too deep to undo. Forgive what our lips tremble to name, what our hearts can no longer bear, and what has become for us a consuming fire of judgment. Set us free from a past that we cannot change; open to us a future in which we can be changed; and grant us grace to grow more and more in your likeness and image, through Jesus Christ, the light of the world. Amen." Author unknown. 

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