Monday, December 25, 2017

  "Labor more and more to live by faith. "When God seems to be mine enemy," says Luther, "and to stand with a drawn sword against me, then do I cast and throw myself into His arms.
And what could be better than to venture upon God likewise in this case, and to say, Whether saved or not saved, whether damned or not damned, whether a hypocrite or not a hypocrite, I do hazard to cast myself upon God.

It is the love and favor of Christ that you mourn after, and are discouraged for the lack of. You cannot find a more ready and compendious way to get this love, than, when you are in the dark to throw yourselves into Christ's arms at a venture. This takes and wins the heart of Christ over to you. What! Will this poor soul 
throw himself into My arms, says Christ, when I seem to be his enemy! Well then, I will show Myself to be his friend." William Bridge. 1649

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