Tuesday, March 13, 2018

 How do we know Christianity is real and truth? 
   As for me, I always want to know the truth, whether it is the one I've discovered or if it refutes the one I've discovered. It is too big and too important of an issue to be casually bantered around like the latest fashion.
 I want something that will hold the heaviest burden, will lift the darkest heart; will break into freedom those in the strongest chains; like slavery, addiction, victims of trauma, neglect and abuse, and all the deepest questions and thoughts of the heart. 
Not a dogma, not a theory or rhetoric, creed or party, but something that gets into the deepest, darkest valleys of human frailty.

 So, if someone shows me a way of great nobility, a way of deep sacrificing compassion; a way that demonstrates sacrificial love that I have never seen, then, and only then, will they get my full and focused attention. 

 When I watched the documentary of Mother Teresa's work in Calcutta with the dying wretches that laid in the street with maggot filled wounds, and watched this little woman of faith carry them back to her home for the dying, and even though she knew that they were dying, she offered them unconditional love, regardless of caste, religion or race, and gave them the gift of 'dying with dignity and love,' I knew I saw truth in action. 

These things are what I have come to know as "Truth" these are the deeds of God, the mercies of Christ. 

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