Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blood Diamond

I watched "Blood Diamond" last night.
It is a true story about the work a journalist did in South Africa, that brought an end to the horrific warring, slavery and use of children for soldiers. It is like watching the "R" rated version of "Invisible Children". It is nearly as violent as real life; it is disturbing, it is heart wrenching, it is
Jennifer Connelly, 'be still my heart', plays the journalist, the person who "gives a ___" as she puts it in the film. Leonardo Di Caprio plays the diamond smuggler and DJimon Hounsou plays the victim fighting for his family. The acting is great. Leonardo is excellent, really they all are.
Once again the power and influence of the journalist's camera brings the images that personalize remote situations. Without it, one wonders if change would ever come.
The movie is intense, graphic and disturbing; it shows the horrors of real life, and like real life, will shock you. I think they did a great job resisting the temptation to bring in typical Hollyweird sexuality, it seems to be a serious effort to shed light on a story that needs to be told. Many humanitarian organizations endorsed the film. It's rated R for violence and language and I think it would be too disturbing for children under 18, even in today's culture.

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