Sunday, November 18, 2007


I was reading in Pushing To The Front in the chapter
called "The Might Of Little Things", where he
encourages us to consider the importance of details
and all the little things that life is made of.
I liked the following illustration--

"I cannot see that you have made any progress since
my last visit," said a gentleman to Michael Angelo.
"But," said the sculptor, "I have retouched this part,
polished that, softened that feature, brought out that
muscle, given some expression to this lip, more energy
to that limb, etc." "But they are trifles!" exclaimed
the visitor. "It may be so," replied the great
artist, "but trifles make perfection, and perfection
is no trifle."

The application of this is endless; our marriage, and how we treat our spouse, our studies, rearing children, our pursuit of holiness, and just about every other life endeavor.

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fcb4 said...

That is so rich and full of wisdom...I see that principle at work so much around here...or I should say the wrestling with that principle...some people cant "see" the small is a seed.