Sunday, January 27, 2008

I don't remember where I found this picture or what the painter was thinking of; but it makes me worry about what young children are exposed to now. When I was growing up in the fifties, I was spared graphic horror and violence. But like this little child who seems to be in a home with symbols of the macabre at her feet and behind her back, I worry about its affects. We are admonished to guard our hearts, how much more should we guard the hearts of our children. I think the ratings on movies are pretty liberal but if Hollyweird considers a movie to be inappropriate for children, shouldn't we as Christians be even more certain?


Donna said...

I remember dabbling with out of body meditations, ouija boards, seances... you name it and I turned out just fine. Just kidding...about turning out just fine that is.

I actually ended up spiritually battling alot of things that were pretty scary to deal with because of my past. And all that from just dabbling.

When you are in it, the water seems calm, and controlled, but when you try to pull away, there's this undercurrent that holds on wanting to bring you out further to sea. It's not easy to just turn your back on. It won't let go that easy.

I read a great book by Johanna Michaelson THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF EVIL...that was just crazy. But it gives a good illustration of how far the angel of light will go to deceive all those he can.


Donna said...
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fcb3 said...

I think a lot of people have had the same experience as you. We open ourselves up to so much without even thinking. Desensitized is the term but recapturing sensitivity and being clear headed is no easy task once the mind is filled with so much darkness. For me anyway.

HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred, I agree with this post 100%. I love reading all your posts. This one is so true and as you very well put it, I do think the evils the kids see today are sad and does affect them. AMEN!

fcb3 said...

Thanks Mary, I'm glad to hear your feedback. It is a difficult time to rear children in. But, bless God, it is the time he chose for us.