Sunday, January 20, 2008


"In our own time the simplification of style has been carried to such an extreme that, as I have already hinted, the majority of authors who "write with ease" write also with the most perplexing uniformity. A few have shown an indication to revive the old luxuriance; as, for instance, Professor Wilson; while Mr. Ruskin in his finest passages is scarcely less poetical than Jeremy Taylor himself; but the prevailing tendency is towards the most absolute conventionalism and even colloquialism of diction. The grandest scenes of Nature, the most heroic actions, the loftiest aims, are all described or discussed in the same slipshod style which is used for the vulgarest incidents."
Now, I am not an educted man, but I agree with the above sentiments. I like reading something that introduces different thought, or adds color or action to the subject. I chose to add the above picture to remind us of how the Lord takes joy in the unique. Let me read something that on occasion causes me to stretch my neck, or is bold enough to leave the flock.

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