Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't you just love this picture? You must enlarge it just to gaze at it. When I ran across it I hoped that I could find a great quote to go with it but for some time now I haven't found one and I just want to share this photo by A. Read titled, "Dream of sleep".
I have a book titled "The New Dictionary of Thoughts", so I looked up the word dream to see if there was anything that struck my fancy. I ran across this quote which I think is very interesting --

"We have in dreams no true perception of time - a strange property of mind! -- for if such be also its property when entered into the eternal disembodied state, time will appear to us eternity!" Winslow.

Now I never considered that in my dreams there is no perception of time but it is true, and somehow I find that so interesting.


Danielle&Hannah said...

I love this photo/picture! Just magical and deep!~

FCB said...

Hi Daniel,
I was surprised no one else was captivated by it; I find it magical as well, as well as relaxing, and thought provoking.
Thanks for your comments,

HAINAngel2000 said...

What is really weird is that dreams are actually very quick if you were to compare our human time and in the dream it feels like time is stopped, so its a spiritual state we are in which is God's time maybe..hum just ways of looking at it. I know I have had dreams I know are from the Lord. With each of my kids I had a dream of what they were going to be and what each one looked like before they were born and each on accurate. It to me is just another way God can speak to us, but when we are finally silent lolololol (ok snoring) lol Love the post all together