Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to concentrate and expedite

I ran across the following list of 9 tips to truly help one become more productive. If it weren't for these principles at work I would be lost in a sea of distractions. I think by the time I was 50 I became pretty good at applying these, so simple but so important.

1. Cut out non-essentials. 2. Don't hesitate; when done with one thing begin on the next.
3. Do the nearest, and, other things being equal, the hardest things first. 4. Finish one job before beginning the next, and don't pause between. 5. Do your thinking while you are acting. 6. If you have assistants use them, and do yourself what they can't do. Then help them out. 7. Do things right the first time, so as not to have to do them twice. 8. Don't look out the window, but keep thought and eye on the thing you are doing. 9. If a thing is important don't put it off; do it now while you think of it.

Author unknown - Photo by Jose A Gallego


Matt said...

you would not be a hobbit then.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

This is a sure guide to greatness and success in any field of activity. Those who followed these rules achieved name and fame. But most people are lazy including myself and look for diversions every now and then. No wonder success eludes me.

Good to read this post every now and then to get hold of things and move in the right direction.

Have a nice day Fred:)