Sunday, October 24, 2010

Psalm 142

Give heed to my cry,
For I am brought very low;
Deliver me from my persecutors,
For they are too strong for me.
Bring my soul out of prison........

When I read this scripture I knew it was to be shared at the Teen Challenge center.
This is the cry from the battle, the persecution of addiction, too strong to be overcome;
souls imprisoned, longing for a rescuer, whose name and life we offer as the only lasting hope.
May God be praised forever!

Psalm 142: 5-7, photo by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred,

In times of trouble and sorrow,stress and strain it is lines like these which give us hope and mental help withstand the crisis.

At times we have a pain in the heart due to reasons beyond our control and we feel totally helpless.Reading this psalm will lift us up from the depths of despair.

Very inspiring verse.

Wish you all the best,

Mel said...

Beautiful verse, and a haunting photo. We wrestle not against flesh and blood... Ashamedly, I need to be reminded of that on a daily basis. It's not my kids, or my spouse, or the poor beggar on the street, or the thief in the night that I'm doing battle against... It's the evil that so subtly, quietly, and deceptively takes us by storm. May God help us to see beyond the surface to find the beauty and preciousness and potential that lies within each unique person and circumstance. Thank you for the work you do day in and day out, Fred. Thank you for caring about people whose lives and spirits have been battered, bruised and abused, whether by themselves or someone or something else. God bless you!

Mel said...
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FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
you are so right, this psalm is very inspiring. What a mighty God we serve.
God bless,

Hi Mel,
It is a haunting photo isn't it.
It represents so well the pits we can fall into; often like you said, " the evil that so subtly, quietly, and deceptively takes us by storm."
God bless,