Sunday, October 24, 2010

When I think I have heard the worst story of victimization a student at the center can tell, sadly, it is followed by another, reaching new heights of evil. Such is the story of one of the guys at center now; I’ll call him Bill, who was prey to an adult pedophile neighbor whose lust for evil knows no bounds. He drew in Bill with the intent of filming him and the only female victim available was Bill’s younger sister who he was forced to have sex with while being filmed. It didn’t end there; he was also forced to have sex with animals while being filmed. I’ll end the details there, which should suffice to paint the picture of his case of horrid child abuse; I wish it ended there but no normal mind can imagine the extent of the abuse.

Enduring these abuses caused Bill to act out which caused his father, not to inquire about the changes but rather to react to them and draw away from Bill and ultimately to punish, verbally abuse and lastly, physically abuse him.

Living in this world of madness where the vileness of the acts penetrated to the very marrow of his young bones, as soon as he was introduced to the numbing and mood elevating effects of intoxicants, he was soon addicted.

But the story does not end there because when Bill heard the story of Christ’s power to cleanse the darkest soul and forgive the vilest sins: Bill clutched the hem of Christ’s garment with such fervor that, be it dragged to heaven or carried, he would not let go. Of course Jesus lifted him up and lavished His emergency grace over Bill and washed him white as snow. I can’t remember a more devoted student, who longs to serve and please God with such a single mind that my faith blushes in comparison.

May I never resist the promptings of the Spirit of Christ when he bids me speak.

Painting by Simon Dewey


Anonymous said...

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred,

This is a sad post when I think of a young person forcibly drawn into doing evil things by a mentally deranged person probably for the sake of making money by filming such horrible things.

An innocent youngster being led astray against his will.Very shocking,indeed.

Fortunately,Bill knew what is right and he was blessed by God to turn a new leaf.

It pains me to read such horrible stories especially involving youngster.

Best wishes,

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
it is true, I know we all wish things like this never happened, and the imprint they leave is hard to see. But we have a hope and although I wonder if this man will ever be completely whole in mind, he is already whole in spirit.
God bless,