Saturday, January 01, 2011

"God is a free agent to work by law or gospel, by smiles or frowns, by presenting heaven or hell to sinners’ souls. God thunders from Mount Sinai upon some souls, and conquers them by thundering. God speaks to others in a still voice, and by that conquers them…… Some are brought to Christ by fire, storms, and tempests, others by more easy and gentle gales of the Spirit. The Spirit is free in the works of conversion, and, as the wind, it blows when, where, and how it pleases, John 3:8. Thrice happy are those souls that are brought to Christ, whether it be in a winter’s night or in a summer’s day."

Thomas Brooks, Photo by Cindy M. Diaz


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred,

A wonderful photo and a very inspiring quote.

Best wishes,

Mel said...

Amen!! I love quotes like this that reinforce the reality that God cannot be contained in a box, or within any limits or boundaries set by the human mind. Great picture! Funky clouds... :)

Mel :)