Thursday, March 10, 2011

" Aristippus, the philosopher, seeing Diogenes washing of herbs for his dinner, said, If Diogenes knew how to make use of kings, he need not live upon raw herbs, as he doth; to which Diogenes replied, that if Aristippus could content himself with herbs, he need not to turn spaniel, or to flatter king Dionysius for a meat meal."

I found this little gem in Thomas Brooks book, 'Apples of Gold' in a chapter on flattery. Diogenes was a third century sage, known for his vow of poverty. He was known to carry a lamp during the day saying he was looking for an honest man. This particular quote tickled me -- calling Aristippus a begging dog with such sophistication, - "turn spaniel". Love it.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred,

Lovely photo.

I wish I could take a vow of poverty and live a simple life without trying to compete with others.Henry David Thoreau wrote --SIMPLICITY,SIMPLICITY,SIMPLICITY - after living in Walden Pond alone for three long years.

So many of our own problems will be solved if we can live a simple life.

This is a wonderful post and an eye opener.