Saturday, March 05, 2011


This is another piece from my new book Youth And Its Duties. This is on learning punctuality.

"When Washington appointed the hour of twelve to meet Congress, he never failed to be passing the door of the hall while the clock was striking twelve. His dinner hour was four o'clock.
If his guests were not there at the time, he never waited for them. New members of Congress, who were invited to dine with him, would frequently come in when dinner was half over; and he would say to them, "Gentlemen, we are punctual here. My cook never asks whether the company has arrived, but whether the hour has."
In 1799, when on a visit to Boston, he appointed eight o'clock in the morning as the hour when he would set out for Salem. While the Old South Clock was striking eight, he was mounting his horse. The company of cavalry who had volunteered to escort him, was parading in Tremont Street, and did not overtake him till he had reached Charles River Bridge. On their arrival, the General said, "Major, I thought you had been too long in my family not to know when it was eight O'clock".

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred,

Very useful post.So many people waste other people's time by being late. Time is precious.Time is money.Time is one thing which will not wait for any one.So many opportunities are lost because we don't act in time.

In India there is a saying = INDIAN PUNCTUALITY. We never reach any where in time,we never keep the appointed time and we give any number of excuses for the delay.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

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