Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Human nature appears a very deformed, or a very beautiful object, according to the different lights in which its viewed. When we see men of inflamed passions, or of wicked designs, tearing one another to pieces by open violence, or undermining each other by secret treachery; when we observe base and narrow ends pursued by ignominious and dishonest means; when we behold men mixed in society as if it were for the destruction of it; we are even ashamed of our species.....

I read this the morning after I watched "Black Hawk Down", for the second or third time. This time I was so grieved by the violence and lack of concern that the warlords displayed. I went to bed feeling so "ashamed of our species", but didn't have the words for it. When I read this piece the next morning it put words to my emotions and strengthened my resolve to be part of the beautiful in the world and do all I can to overturn the evil.

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fcb4 said...

Perfectly said.