Thursday, April 12, 2012

There is a Jewish tradition concerning Moses……….That the great prophet, it is said, was called up by a voice from heaven to the top of a mountain, where in a conference with the Supreme being, he was permitted to propose to God some questions concerning His administration of the universe.

In the midst of this Divine conference he was commanded to look down on the plain below. At the foot of the mountain there issued out a clear spring of water, at which a soldier alighted from his horse to drink. He was no sooner gone than a little boy came to the same place, and finding a purse of gold, which the soldier had dropped, took it up and went away with it. Immediately after this came an infirm old man, weary with age and travelling, and having quenched his thirst, sat down to rest himself by the side of the spring. The soldier, missing his purse, returns to search for it, and demands it of the old man, who affirms he had not seen it, and appeals to Heaven in witness of his innocence. The soldier, not believing his protestations, kills him.

Moses fell on his face with horror and amazement, when the Divine Voice thus prevented his expostulation, ‘Be not surprised, Moses, nor ask why the Judge of the whole earth hath suffered this thing to come to pass; the child is the occasion that the blood of the old man is spilt; but know, that the old man whom thou sawest was the murderer of that child’s father’. Joseph Addison from The Spectator.

“We know in part and see through a glass dimly”.

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Unknown said...

A good story Fred. Thank you. Embroiled in my own busyness, it is easy for me to forget things are playing out as they should- with care and concern.