Saturday, June 16, 2012

The following piece by John Newton speaks to the blessings found in prayer, Church, sacraments etc. I enjoy his writings because of his keen insight into the hearts of men; this practical piece is a good example.

  Real communion with the Lord, in his appointed means of grace, is likewise an important branch of His blessedness. They were instituted for this end, and are sufficient, by virtue of his power and Spirit, to answer it. I do not believe this enjoyment will always be equal. But I believe a comfortable sense of it, in some measure, is generally attainable. To read the Scripture, not as an attorney may read a will, merely to know the sense; but as the heir reads it, as a description and proof of his interest; to hear the Gospel, as the voice of our Beloved, so as to have little leisure either for admiring the abilities, or censuring the defects of the preacher; and, in prayer, to feel a liberty of pouring out our hearts before the Lord, to behold some glances of his goodness passing before us, and to breathe forth before him the tempers of a child, the spirit of adoption; and thus, by beholding his glory, to be conformed more and more to his image, and to renew our strength by drawing out of the wells of salvation – herein is blessedness.” 


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Matt said...

reading the scripture like a heir instead of an attorney! I like that.

FCB said...

Yes, I liked his points; blessedness is not always equal, read the Bible not like an attorney, and hear the word as a voice of our beloved and pray to behold some glance of his goodness and having the tempers of a child.
It's all good.