Saturday, June 29, 2013

If they drink any deadly thing.....

  “Imagine if you will, two men walking in a large city, through the vilest streets in this city. One of the men has nothing in him but selfishness and low love of self-indulgence. Whereas the other is glowing with human charity, seeking perhaps a child of his own who has wandered into that dreadful hell; or longing, it may be, to pluck out of the burning some man or woman’s life, whose fiery iniquity makes those streets the streets of hell. Why is it that one man fills himself full of the iniquity through which he walks, steeps himself in its vileness, and the other comes out with garments all the whiter for the fire? Is it not what Jesus said,
“This sign shall follow them that believe. If they drink any deadly thing it shall not harm them.”? Phillips Brooks.

  This reminds me when my son Matt worked with an organization to rescue pre-teen girls captured in the child trafficking trade where he was required to go into the most vile and depraved parts of Thailand in search of girls. They were only to be found in brothels, strip clubs and houses of prostitution where danger and sin ran its course without restraint. The deadly potion and the venomous snake loomed at every door, and but for the mission of charity and the protection of Christ, one dare not go there and hope to come away unscathed.

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