Wednesday, February 19, 2014

“ The other day, in walking down the street, a little beggar boy, --- or one who might have begged, so ragged was he, --- having discovered that I loved flowers, came and put into my hand a faded little sprig which he had found somewhere. I did not look directly at the scrawny, withered branch, but beheld it through the medium of the boy’s heart, seeing what he would have given, not what he gave; and so looking, the shriveled stem was laden with blossoms of beauty and odor. And if I, who am cold, and selfish, and ignorant, receive so graciously the offering of a poor child, with what tender joy must our heavenly Father receive the sincere tributes of his creatures when he looks through the medium of his infinite love and compassion!
Christ does not say, “Take the noblest things of life, and bring them perfect to me, and I will receive them.” He says, “Take the lowest and most disagreeable thing; and if you bring it cheerfully, for my sake, it shall be to me a flower of remembrance, and I will press it in the book of life, and keep it forever.”
Go, then, search for flowers to bring Christ; and if you cannot find even road-side or pasture weeds, if there are but nettle and briers, and you are willing for his sake to thrust your hand into the thorn bush, and bring a branch from there, he will take it lovingly, and cherish it evermore.” H. W. Beecher. 

I like that.

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