Saturday, December 13, 2014

 "The anger which I propose now for my subject, is such as makes those who indulge it more troublesome than formidable, and ranks them rather with hornets and wasps, than with basilisks and lions. 

  There is in the world a certain class of mortals, know, and contentedly known, by the title of passionate men, who imagine themselves entitled by that distinction to be provoked on every slight occasion, and to vent their rage in vehement and fierce vociferations, in furious menaces and licentious reproaches. Their rage, indeed, for the most part fumes away in outcries of injury, and protestations of vengeance, and seldom proceeds to actual violence, unless a drawer or linkboy (a boy who carried a torch for pedestrians in dark streets.) falls in their way; but they interrupt the quiet of those that happen to be within the reach of their clamors, obstruct the course of conversation, and disturb the enjoyment of society."  Samuel Johnson.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Very interesting. There are people like this every where. It is better to keep quiet when such angry people are raging. Best wishes

FCB said...

I agree with your good advice, best to just keep quiet. Best wishes to you as well.