Wednesday, March 04, 2015

  "We love the creation of God and extol the majesty of His hands; but this is not what causes our love and devotion to this Spirit of creativity; It is an all-embracing Love, an inexhaustible holiness, an eternal pity, an immeasurable freedom of affection, whence all the regularities of his will spring forth, a gentle help into every mind, a knock at the gate of every lonely heart which leaves enough behind to visit the private wants of every soul, to linger with tenderness near every sorrow, to be present with rescue in ever temptation. This it is that is the real ground of our trust and love: God is not merely the power of nature, but the Father of Spirits: his resources are not spent and used up in the legislation of the physical universe, but are large enough to overflow freely and copiously into the spirits that are in the likeness of himself."  James Martineau.

  I love this quote, it captures the pervading joy and intimacy we share in the Holy Spirit. Without the pouring out of His love in these ways I doubt I would still be a Christian.

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