Monday, May 18, 2015

I have an old book titled  "Golden thoughts of Mother, Home and Heaven". It was published in 1881 and is earmarked for my Granddaughter Destiny. When it was written they asked Fanny Crosby, blind from age two months: a prolific songwriter with over 9,000 hymns as well as hundreds of poems and best known for "Blessed Assurance”., Fanny was asked if she would write a poem expressly for this book, here it is ----

The light, the spell-word of the heart,
Our guiding star in weal or woe,
Our talisman --- our earthly chart ---
That sweetest name that earth can know.

We breathed it first with lisping tongue
When cradled in her arms we lay;
Fond memories round that name are hung
That will not, cannot pass away.

We breathed it then, we breathe it still,
More dear than sister, friend, or brother
The gentle power, the magic thrill,
Awakened at the name of mother.

Some of us are blessed to have fond memories and a deep abiding love for Mother; would that it were true for all......

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