Friday, June 19, 2015

"The real business at hand for Christians is not heaven, but holiness. The issue may be left in the Leader's hands: the duty of the soldiers is to stand where they are placed, and strike as long as they see a foe. Until the trumpet shall sound, calling the weary to rest, our part is to fight. Woe to the deceiver who fraternizes with the enemy, or strikes with half his force a feeble blow! 
The kingdom of heaven is within you; within you, therefore, its battles must be fought and its victories won. Strike, and spare not for their crying. It is not a languid expectation of an easy heaven; it is a battle that is before us today. He is the best soldier in the warfare who hates most his Sovereign’s enemy and his own. Polluting lust is the spark that kindles hell: there is no other way of being saved from that burning than by stamping out the embers of sin that lie hidden in the ashes of your own heart.
"The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly." God will subdue the adversary; but he will subdue him under your own feet."
Arnot, photo by Elizabeth Bailey.

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