Wednesday, June 03, 2015

  This time of year my garden beauty is just bursting into a riot of color and green. The spring growth reminds me of the new eyes we have when we first begin our new walk of faith and new introduction to Christ. I ran across these writings that describe one's impressions of conversion.

Somehow I was changed, like the quote --
"His lips drink water but his heart drinks wine." E.E. Cummings.

  I felt like I looked around with fresh eyes, and saw commonplace things as powerfully as I did for the first time.
It was like I had the perception of an infant or a child; there was a sense of wonder and awe. It was like my eyes adjusted for the light: from blacks and greys to full color. Greens were greener, blues were deeper.
A presence Falls quiet on my soul, stillness appreciated, living without the epic, but finding under the surface an alluring simplicity.  
Every moment a promise, not to be found slipping through my fingers, but grasped, possessed, enjoyed.

The doors of perception swung wide-open calling for investigation, exploration, new horizons, and a quest into the vast unknown; New dawning’s, revelations. New sensations of hope, and a heart quieting peace all permeated with a deep elation and joy. Leaving the shallows for deeper currents. James Martineau. 

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