Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The following quote is about sacrificing love, and when it is done in love it is no burden.

   " Go into a home where a child lies sick, one of a joyous family where often merry voices ring from morn to night. But now silence, the unconscious forerunner of death, flits through the house, touching with her seal the lips even of the gayest little prattler living there; and when the faint cry of feverish waking frets forth from the pillow, how swift the answer to the call! How soft the mother's cheerful words from out of her anguished heart! How prompt the father's hand with the cup of cold water to cool the parched tongue. Every selfish concern is discarded as soon as formed, swift messengers glide to and fro to gratify the sick child; every burst of impatience falls softly and without recoil on playmates who have never been wounded so before. No despot was ever so obeyed, as this little child, whose will is now the sole domestic law: for despots acquire no such title to command. But this title, recorded in God's handwriting of love, on the tablets of our humanity, we must recognize and obey. The terms of it proclaim, in defiance to the claims of self-will, that the service of others is our divinest freedom; and that the law, which rules us, becomes the charter that becomes our freedom. Nay, to work patiently in faith and love, to do, not what we like, but what we revere, confers not only liberty but also power."

  When we become involved with someone who is taken sick by sin: be it addiction to drugs, alcohol, lust or some other oppression of the soul, we become overshadowed with God's abiding presence and with the consoling love of Christ, and each fevered cry of the diseased soul becomes our delight to soothe and encourage. Our selfish concerns are left by the wayside as we attend to the wounded, and it is no sacrifice but a joy. 
Painting by Sir Luke Fildes, quote by James Martineau. 

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