Friday, March 04, 2016

  "When we consider Paul, let us look deeply into his mission, in order to adopt more fully the spirit of his mind. His daily walks through Rome exposed him to its many splendors: but he dived into the lanes and suburbs on which no glory of history is shed; and found the haunts of the scorned Hebrew: they entered the degraded revels of the slave: they sought out the poor foreigner, attracted by the city's wealth, and perishing amid its desolation: they crept to the pallet on which the fever and poverty were stretched, offering the hand of restoration, and whispering the lessons of peace. This was his noblest dignity: not that he publicly pleaded before princes, but that he secretly encouraged the outcast and the friendless; not that he paced the forum, but that he lingered in the dens of wretchedness, and refreshed the hardened heart with gentle sympathies, and connected the alien with the fraternity of men, and shed upon the darkest lot a confidence in God and a light of hope. And what is true of this great apostle is true of the religion which he spread, and which we profess. Its true dignity is, that unseen it has ever gone about doing good."

James Martineau.

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