Friday, April 22, 2016

  "However true it is that there is no private heart to which God is a complete stranger, yet it is not in all alike that the sanctities of his agency visibly appear. We see and own him in proportion to the nobleness and beauty of the lives which he inspires; and it is only now and then, at the great crises of society, that the common level of the human self and the finite understanding is transcended, and sages, prophets, saints rise above their nature and become the organs of a Spirit not their own. I presume not to say how it is God takes up his abode with us; where, across the melting colors the precise line should be drawn that divides the human from the divine. But wherever he so dwells with the soul as to import his own character, and lift before our eye the beauty of holiness, it is His supreme expression, as it is his rarest." Martineau.

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